Frequently Asked Questions


How do I access games?

Live, upcoming and archived past games are available to Spectrum video customers. To access, you must select the game and then use your user credentials to login. If you are unsure of your credentials, click here.


On what platforms/devices can viewers see the games? 

Customers can watch the games on computers/laptops as well as iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets via Customers in NY also can access games on the Spectrum News App for iOS and Android. A Spectrum username and password are required for authentication. 


Why aren't all of these games available on my TV?

In an effort to bring customers a larger game offering inclusive of many more teams, the digital platform is much more expansive than traditional television. Additionally, expanded user functionality is available on digital platforms including rewind, social sharing and immediate on demand access.


How are the high school teams/game coverage chosen?

We selected games based on the best matchups in each market, with the goal of getting as many different teams on during the season.


Will different high schools be featured, or just the same top schools? 

Our goal is to have different games every Friday night. Some teams may appear on the programming schedule more than once due to district schedules.


Why can't I access the game I want to see?

In order to see the games, you must be an active Spectrum video customer. Rarely, there are technical difficulties with games. If you are unable to resolve the problem and believe there is a technical issue with a live game, please contact us at and provide as many details as possible.


How do I make my video player full screen?

Click the arrows in the bottom right corner of the video player (on the playbar) to take the video full screen. You can exit full screen using the “esc" button.


The video I am watching keeps starting and stopping. What do I do?

If the video isn’t playing smoothly then you are most likely experiencing an issue with your internet connection. Our technology does detect how much bandwidth can be put through your network, but sometimes your network can still cause problems with your video experience. You can minimize this issue by clicking the “Gear” icon on the player and switching from "Auto" to anything else.  This will slightly reduce the video quality but it should help your connection better cope with the video.    


Why am I hearing audio but not seeing video?

Bandwidth limitations and restrictions are generally the cause of this issue. Our streams are dynamic so depending on where you are located, the game streams will adjust to deliver one of the following scenarios: 1) Full motion 720p video with audio, 2) Staggered or slower motion with audio, or 3) audio only. You can check the bandwidth available to you here.


Video says "The Broadcast is Unavailable. The Boxcaster is offline."     

If you are seeing this message it simply means that the game has not yet started, already completed or is offline because of a technical difficulty. Please check back to see if the game has resumed. If the message continues, please notify us at and we will investigate.